Steel Justice
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Here's what readers are saying about Steel Justice...
"Good book, my husband and I both read it. Is it true? I'm not sure but my husband thinks it probably is, at least most of it anyway."
- Keith and Mary Booth
Portland, OR
"I read your book, it's the most interesting story I've ever read. I wish you'd tell me how much of it is true, but I'm sure you'd just say maybe. I did some research and I know at least part of it is true, I hope it's all true. If we had more people like Blue and Kathy our children would be safer."
- Janet Wilson
Ogden, UT
"I loved your book. Is it really true, that's a good question and I'm still wondering. It's very educational, I'm having my daughters read it. I agree with you, knowledge is good."
- Betty Watts
Huston, TX
"I read your book, you opened my eyes, I thank you for that. My girls are learning different things now. I also thank you for a good story, I hope it's true."
- Carol Johnson
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