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Who Am I? I guess I should tell you, maybe, but who I am isn't important. I will tell you the character, Blue Boy Steel, was a very good friend of mine. He was a man among men.
I’ve heard Blue referred to as a gentle giant several times. Why? Because that’s what he was. A big man, yet so kind and gentle. He was always willing to help the less fortunate… I think he enjoyed that more than anything… except killing a man that raped a little girl.
The characters, Kathy and Blue Steel, and I were best friends. I know for a fact that they were not ashamed of what they did. Kathy feared no man.
Did she really kill the Sheriff? Yes, she did and I didn’t say, maybe. It wouldn’t have been in Blue’s notes, if it hadn’t happened. Did I see her do it? I would like to say yes to that, but… If an investigation is ever done about the things that happened in this story, good luck to the investigators.
Okay, I’ll tell you. My name is Floyd Agan, aka: Bandit. I didn’t write this. Debra and I took the notes, 423 of them, and put them into a book. The notes were all dated and written over a forty-year span of Blue’s life. He wrote things down when they happened, just the way they happened. This is his story, so to my way of thinking, he wrote it and his name goes on the cover.
We probably shouldn’t have put it all together like this, but we did. If the C.I.A. comes knocking at my door, I’ll just have to deal with it.
Some of the things he says are repeated several times. That’s because the notes were written over such a long period. If it was on a note, it’s in the book. Debra and I just couldn’t remove something that Blue wrote, unless it was necessary to protect the family.
So, is it a true story? You bet it is. But all I can legally say is, "Maybe."
 - Floyd
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