Steel Justice
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Debra Steel's note about her father's story - faded in the background. We walked around the car. I hit him, and then I broke his neck. I left him lying next to the car. Kathy and the girls were getting in the pick-up, so I jumped in and we were on our way. Kathy never asked me if I killed him. She didnít have to. I really enjoyed this trip, maybe because the girls were so happy about going to be with their mother and the other girls. Maybe because I just enjoy killing bad guys. I remember walking up to the car thinking, my wife just ordered your execution, so I shall execute you, you perverted bastard. So now Iím an executioner. Maybe if someone ever reads this, theyíll like that better. I didnít murder the sick perverted baby raping bastard, I executed him. I still consider myself a good guy.
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